Reimbursement/ Market Access

The reimbursement of your medicinal products ensures the solvency of the market. Nevertheless, this decision remains the prerogative of each Member State of the EU.

WHITE-TILLET advises and assists you in:

  • The preparation of the market access strategy (town/hospital);
  • The critical analysis of your clinical data (methodology, comparators, level of evidence).
  • The preparation of the reimbursement files for France (medico-technical files for the commission of transparency, economic efficiency for the CEESP, and economic file for the CEPS);
  • The conventional negotiation for pricing with the CEPS;
  • The preparation of platform files for Europe;
  • The analysis of national situations in the EU via our European network.

Tillet Y. Medical Assessment of drugs and medical devices to be reimbursed: rules in vigor, impact of the new Bertrand law, new announced reforms. Gazette de l’AFAR 2012;75:28-34 (in French).


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